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Network Planning and Designing

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As a project develops, Maktech works closely with customers in order to accurately define targets and outline expected performance criteria. Maktech takes into account issues such as: optimal coverage area, anticipated site costs and a host of other essential factors involved in cellular network planning for large-scale, multiple site networks.

In-depth planning includes comprehensive engineering for RF propagation analysis, model tuning and reviewing nominal plans. In addition, Maktech reviews all aspects of coverage, traffic and performance, as well as transport engineering for planning back-haul and interconnect requirements.

Radio Network Planning services include:

  • Propagation Model tuning
  • Nominal Cell planning and Coverage analysis
  • Site survey (RF and Transmission LOS)
  • Access network and Backhaul planning
  • Initial Tuning
  • Parameters planning (New Frequency / Code)
  • Interference Reduction Analysis
  • Capacity planning and Traffic Load balancing
  • Site database &Neighbor list planning