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Maintenance Services

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Maintenance services are offered to our customers to reduce network complexity, improve reliability with remote / web-based / on-site technical support, repair and spare management services, and optimize the cost of their operations.


Electrical connection works for telecom sites & technical rooms – both traditional connection and alternative solutions (solar, etc.)

Electrical works inside shelters, technical rooms, data centers and Reception; Also we use only high quality products to meet clients’ requirements for electrical works.

Projects may take place in a range of settings, including:

  • DC & AC power supply and installation
  • battery back-up installation
  • insulation transformers
  • stabilizers.
  • Termination and earthing system
  • outdoor cabling and Indoor wiring.
  • Lightening arrestor and aviation light.
  • Integration and commissioning
  • power applications.
  • Liaison with electricity supply board
  • multi meter implementation
  • submission of ducts
  • supply of approved metering cabinets and panels
  • post connection testing
  • sub-mains and temporary supplies
  • backup generator provision and maintenance
  • air conditioners
  • DG sets
  • energy control and observation system (ECOS)
  • power plants
  • cabling, lights, switches, MCBs.
  • fire alarm system.


Any work related to Civil works, Maktech have a great dedicated team is capable of building the site from scratch. We also supply required foundations associated with Civil Work.

We have a great activities list which include:

  • Towers supply (self-support towers, guided towers, stub-towers for rooftop sites, poles…etc)
  • Excavations processes.
  • Supply and installations of concrete  foundation according to technical drawing.
  • Tower erection, painting and protection against corrosion.
  • Foundation installation the shelters and electromechanical works.
  • Supply and install the fencing system.
  • Installation of all types of pre-fabricated shelters
  • Installation of poles (4m, 6 and 9 m)
  • Installation of Masts (9 m, 12 and 15 m)
  • Installation of mono-poles and towers (25 m, 30 m, 40 m, etc…)
  • Installation of Antenna system and feeders
  • Testing for feeders and antennas using SITE MASTER
  • Installation of cable trays, power cables, and earthling systems (indoor & outdoor)

Maktech believes that the better the service is delivered the higher is the skill level of our company. We work for the best quality of services for our clients and our clients appreciate us for that.

Maktech will do preventive and corrective maintenance on the following:

  • Base Transceiver Stations (BTS)
  • Transmission Equipment

Maktech will do preventive and corrective maintenance on the following:

  • Transmission 2nd Level Maintenance
  • Transmission Network Operation Center (NOC)