ISO 9001:2008 Certified

HSE - Health, Safety And Environment Policy

MAKTECH & TEL. LTD, a Telecommunications and ICT focused company specializing in providing telecommunication contracting service to network operators, vendors and corporate clients, will create and maintain the highest standards of occupational health and safety during the execution of all clients operations.

For this purpose, we will not only meet all legal and other requirements but also:

  1. Provide each Maktech employee and every person potentially affected by our activities with a healthy and safe working and living environment;
  2. Assure that all our services are safe to use; and that our customers are proud of the high standards in health and safety that we as service provider uphold, during servicing our clients;
  3. Each business line will operate under the guidance of a trained and competent individual, knowledgeable of authoritative over and responsible for compliance with the health and safety legislation, standards and practices;
  4. We are committed to specific, measurable and achievable health and safety objectives aimed at minimizing all risks pertaining to incidents, diseases, clients, company property and equipment.

In this endeavor, we will:

  • Actively promote the participation of the Maktech Health and Safety Management System to ensure the involvement of all stakeholders.
  • Apply all reasonably practicable measures to reduce the risk of incidents, accidents, diseases and pollution during Maktech operations by mitigation and control hazards associated with our business activities. Focus will be on high risk activities such as Working at Heights, Electricity and driving.
  • Communicate and promote Health and Safety policies and procedures to all employees and affected parties.
  • Provide appropriate resources, including training, to all our employees and continued health and safety education to ensure that this policy is implemented and maintained.
  • Document, maintain, review, audit and continuously improve Maktech health and safety performance of our operations in accordance with OHSAS 18001 Standard requirements; and
  • Ensure awareness and accountability from all levels of leadership within Maktech.