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Get ready for 5G

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5G is the new generation of radio systems and network architecture. It will deliver extreme broadband, ultra-robust low-latency connectivity, and massive networking to support many different use cases and business models. For mobile operators, 5G will enable a new level of network economy and a leap forward in network efficiency.

5G New Radio

5G will combine existing radio access technologies (RATs) from 400 MHz to 100 GHz in both licensed and unlicensed bands. It will also add new RATs that are optimized for specific bands.

Massive MIMO enables Gbps peak rates in sub–6 GHz bands. It can effectively compensate for path loss in cmWave and mmWave bands using high beamforming, and increase peak data rate through multi-stream transmission. A flexible frame structure and multi-connectivity enable ultra-reliability and ultra-low latency.

5G architecture: A system of systems

5G will be far more than just a new radio access technology. Its architecture will expand to multiple systems by providing a Next-Generation Core for multiple access technologies, services, and service providers. NFV and SDN technologies will support this transition by allowing systems to use a high level of abstraction.

For 5G, transport will evolve from a static, linear connection to a programmable mesh that dynamically interconnects all mobile and cloud elements.

5G networks will introduce the concept of network slices, which are virtual instances of an entire network. Each slice will be tailored for a specific use case to ensure that end-to-end performance meets customer expectations and service and application requirements.

Nokia 5G : A solution for early adopters

Our 5G solution helps you gain a first-to-market advantage by launching 5G use cases before the standards have been finalized. It builds on our commercial 5G AirScale and AirFrame platforms to provide a versatile solution that spans the network.

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