ISO 9001:2008 Certified

CSR - Corporate Social Responsibility

Maktech aspires to not only improve current living standards in our community, but also to assist them in becoming self-reliant individuals. We therefore provide opportunities to grow and develop through trainings, internship and skills development to students and graduates from local tertiary institutions.

We train them on both telecommunications skills and life skills required to become responsible and upright members of society. This also enables us to realize individual talents in early stage of life and make follow-up. At Maktech, we understand that attracting and retaining the best skilled candidate is a social-economic phenomenon and therefore we develop all employees at different levels in order to be sustainable and successful company.

At Maktech we believe that happy, motivated and healthy employees make a company successful. It is not all work and no play at Maktech. Therefore, a sports day is incorporated in our semi-annual Staff Day event. Such activities promote staff bond as well as provide them with a little physical exercise.

These efforts are done deliberately because the health, well-being and success of its employees are an important issue for Maktech


Sustainability as is widely acknowledged is the requirement to provide for human needs to exist without damaging or depleting nature’s resources not only for the present generation but for all future generations.

Maktech believes that there is more to sustainability than just the natural resources. Social and economic sustainability are key factors in present-day built environment planning and delivery. Our solid and dependable management structure is highly correlated to the sustainability of our excellent service to the community.

Maktech is committed to protecting the environment by taking measures to limit or eliminate the negative impact of our activities on the environment. We also implement the necessary corrective actions for any identified damages that our actions or inactions have impacted the environment. We implement this through reducing the consumption of electricity by using power saving options available as well as reducing water consumptions and implementing paper saving measures such as having electronic documenting system.

We also continually enhance our ability to tap into the local marketplace wherever we deliver projects; which is vital for the local economy in providing jobs, and trade with local suppliers. It is Maktech’s philosophy that we contribute to the local region’s continuous technological development and advancement as evident in our corporate social responsibilities and work culture.

On a more detailed look at the way projects are delivered and implemented, we involve ourselves as much as we can in the process of the requirements of the differing systems to rate sustainable developments.