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5G ready, Nokia AirScale Cloud RAN wins GTI award

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Award-winning solutions are recognized as winners for a reason – perhaps not so much for their technology as for the options they open up in the industry.

Today, the mobile industry’s attention is on 5G and how it will be a game-changer for diverse industries, enterprises and vertical applications. This is particularly true in large urban environments with huge concentrations of people and businesses.

To make the most of 5G’s opportunities and meet its requirements, operators are looking for radio networks that give them extreme flexibility, with an architecture that can adapt to suit the application’s needs – IoT, low latency or high capacity.

5 wins isn’t luck, it’s proof of 5G leadership

This is why the 5G ready Nokia AirScale Cloud RAN solution won the GTI Innovative Breakthrough in Mobile Technology Award 20181. It was recognized for its built-in flexibility that will enable more innovation with new applications, services and plug-ins. It achieves this flexibility by splitting the central and distributed functionalities – where it matters most. The AirScale System Module is used as a distributed unit, with AirFrame Data Center servers used as a central unit.

This allows networks to be deployed with parts having different characteristics – high or low-spectrum, macro or micro sites, as well as enabling network slicing to serve new customers.

Nokia AirScale Radio Access and Cloud RAN is paving the way to 5G from the 2G, 3G, TD-LTE and FDD LTE installed base. Nokia has won five GTI awards in a row and this award is yet another testimony to Nokia AirScale’s leadership in 5G.

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