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Maktech was established in February 2000 and registered as a private company in Tanzania.

Founded to fill in the gap in the telecommunications industry locally with the sole intent of providing specialized, quality services to operators in Tanzania, we have seen the gap and spread to offer our services to Africa as a whole.

Maktech distinguishes itself as a premier telecommunications contracting company offering a wide range of value-added and specialized telecommunications services , and a unique business platform.

We provide our customer with significant business opportunities and solutions that would benefit them as per their requirements. Executing projects for long-term customers we boast of sound, ongoing presence in the countries we serve.

Maktech's vision aims at providing portable communication to the people of Africa whilst also offering a platform for talented citizens to obtain training and improve their lives.

We derive our competitive strength from the skilled and quality-conscious managememnt, expertise and committed human resourse.

We continuously aim to not only meet customer expectations through individual and industry standards, but to exceed them while maintaining the best delivery.

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